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The Carone lab investigates repetitive elements in the human genome and the implications of misregulation of repetitive elements in disease.  We use molecular cytology and biochemical tools to examine the expression of repetitive sequences within their nuclear environment in order to identify and investigate their interacting partners at the chromatin and protein level.  Current projects in the lab aim to understand both the cause and consequence of locus-specific expression of HSATII, a pericentric tandemly repeated satellite sequence, in cancer cells.   We are also interested in the evolution of pericentric tandem repeats in the primate lineage and contributing to the assembly of pericentric satellite sequences in the human genome.

Research Students

Rajiv Potluri '20

Jack Rubien '20

Sajal Medha Akkipeddi '20

Safia Bashir '20

Lia D'Alessandro '21

Susannah Midla '21

Lab mini golf photo.jpeg

HSATII RNA (green) is expressed from a subset of HSATII loci in U2OS osteosarcoma cells, while other HSATII loci are not expressed and accumulate polycomb proteins (red).

Lab Personnel

Christina Rabeler (Lab Manager)

Lab Alumni

Catherine Landers (Williams College) '15 

Lacey Serletti (Williams College) '15 

Simone Darkoa-Larbi '18

Emily Ferrari '19 

Jessica Malisa '19

Anthony Velleca '19

Harsha Sen '19

Kyra Harvey '19

Moniher Deb '19

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